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  • Non-MGO
  • FDA Approved
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What Steel Bite Pro™ Does?

  • Stop Bleeding And Receding Gums, While You Regain Their Healthy Look And Feel...
  • Stop The Pain And Infections
  • List Make The Ugly Plaque Build-Up Literally Fall From Your Teeth Element
  • Escape Gingivitis And Periodontal Diseases
  • Get Rid Of Bad Breath And All The Embarrassing Moments Caused By It
  • Enjoy The Confidence Of Having Whiter Teeth, Without Cavities
  • Never Have To Throw All Your Savings On Dental Implants And Risk Nerve Damage Or Even Facial Paralysis
  • And Never, Ever Have To Go To The Dentist
  • Never Have To Throw All Your Savings
  • And Much More...

What Are Inside Steel Bite Pro?

The full list of ingredients in Steel Bite Pro includes:

  • 30mg of zinc (273% DV)
  • 200mg of milk thistle
  • 50mg of beet root
  • 50mg of artichoke leaves
  • 50mg of dandelion root
  • 50mg of chicory root
  • 50mg of yarrow
  • 50mg of jujube seed
  • 586mg of a proprietary blend containing celery seed, alfalfa, burdock, yellow dock, methionine, grape seed, L-cystine, feverfew, N-acetyl cystine, turmeric, red raspberry, berberine, and ginger
  • What People Are Like You Saying?

    Gabriel Backer 40 y. o.

    from Baltimore, Maryland

    “No more bleeding gums and I still can’t believe I got rid of cavities! And to think how easy it was. I’ve been using Steel Bite Pro for three weeks now and I’ll share it with everyone I know!”

    Loretta Martin 48 y. o.

    New Orleans, Louisiana,

    “I was afraid to eat. Always cut everything into tiny pieces and chewed them carefully. After just one week of Steel Bite Pro, I finally had the courage to eat my favourite food: beef steak.
    It was a huge victory for me.”

    Dameon Sanders, 52, y. o.

    Flint, Michigan,

    “I don’t think there’s a worse pain than tooth pain. I couldn’t focus at work or enjoy my free time and I was hooked on painkillers. Now it’s like I’ve got my life back. No more pain, it just feels so good "

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