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(By Danette May)

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Golden Superfood Bliss is a unique stress and sleep formulation that puts YOU back in control of your body and your hunger, even if you’re over 40 and about to give up.*

  • Curb “stress eating” at the cellular level...*
  • Calm frazzled nerves and support putting you in sleep mode faster...
  • Helps “Retrain” your cells to burn fat while you sleep...*
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Combat cravings for salty snacks and junk food, so you eat fewer calories without even thinking about it...
  • Help balance your hunger so you won’t be tempted to eat when you’re not hungry...
  • Promote lower stress signals and decrease cortisol to help your body manage weight...
  • Combat occasional anxiety and “stress eating”...*
  • And Much More...

And it works like crazy!


You missed out!

What’s inside Golden Superfood Bliss?

Turmeric - Black Pepper - Cinnamon Bark - Giger Root - Cardamom - Coconut Milk - MTC Powder - Amla Fruit - Ashwagandha - Reishi Mushroom - Shiitake Mushroom - Maitake Mushroom - Lion's Mane

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Gorgeous & Practical Travel Bag

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1 Ceremonial Mug

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Cacao Bliss Travel Packs

Here’s What Others Are Saying About It...

“I am soooo TOTALLY loving the Golden Bliss.... it just looks richer and tastes richer and fuller! When you look in the bag the texture is just crazy fresh and rich looking... A richer deeper Golden color. I also love the fact that it has extra super foods in its an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER!!!”

- Rita Boggs

“I love adding 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk then a little hot water. I love drinking this the morning before I meditate. It makes me feel very relaxed but focused. The taste is like a delicious rich ginger vanilla latte. My taste buds are so happy!”

- Janis Cameron

“I have fallen in love with this new Golden Superfood Bliss... Added to my organic coffee during the day or mixed with a cup of Cacao Bliss... It has made a huge difference in my sleep and relaxation. One cup at bedtime with 4 Oz. of hot water and I sleep like a baby!!*”

- Julie Statham

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